The Calumet Heritage Area extends from southeastern Chicago and the Pullman National Monument in Illinois, to the Indiana Dunes National Park and Indiana’s LaPorte County. It is a place of nationally significant natural, industrial, labor, and cultural heritage assets, that are preserved and interpreted to advance economic opportunity, and enrich the lives of its residents and visitors from across the nation.
Open and free for groups and organizations to submit an event or program, the calendar is designed with the varied communities of the Calumet in mind. Local and state governments, non-profit organizations, community groups, businesses, and other institutions can use this collective, web-based calendar to promote their events and programs that align with the cultural, heritage, and environmental efforts of the Calumet Heritage Area. In making this initiative a reality, submitters must follow guidelines for the submittal of events and/or programs to the Calumet Heritage Area’s events and programs calendar. If you have suggestions, if you would like to share the calendar on your own website, or would like to ask the calendar manager a question please contact us through this email address: [email protected]

Need help navigating the calendar? Download this step by step guide or watch this video
Guidelines for event submission:
  1. Events entered into the calendar should meet at least three of the following thematic purposes:
    1. Brings people together across state lines to conserve natural and cultural heritage, promote regional arts, and support heritage and environmental educational opportunities.
    2. Involves the region’s two National Parks, local parks, trails, tourism gateways, and historical sites.
    3. Revolves around environmental or cultural education or recreation.
    4. Supports non-profits linked to the environmental, heritage, or cultural education of the region to tourists and residents.
    5. Supports or involves folk or local artists, be it acting, dancing, singing, instrumental, painting, sculpting, drawing, or filming.
    6. Improves the health of tourist and residents within the Calumet Region
    7. Supports the Calumet’s local economy or food system
    8. Events or programs must exist within the boundaries of the Calumet Region (see #15) or promote/include the region in some way.
    9. There is no cost to submit events and/or programs.
    10. The event cannot involve the support of any one political party, as the Calumet Heritage Area is a non-partisan organization.
    11. Please proofread your calendar entry before submitting. The calendar manager is not responsible for editing misspellings, typos, or grammatical errors. The Calumet Heritage Area reserves the right to edit any listing.
    12. Directions to an event/program are not required but are suggested if your target audience is not familiar with the roads around your event/program location.
    13. Events are refreshed on the calendar every 2-3 days. If you don’t see your event within a week please contact the following email address: [email protected]
    14. Strive to give 2-3 weeks notice before the day of your event/program so we can make sure your event/program is visible to the public for some time before it occurs.
    15. Provide an URL to the event(s)/program(s) (if possible) in the ‘Events Description’ section so the user can find out more information and perhaps register for your event.
    16. If it is a recurring event/program, please note how long it will be reoccurring in the ‘Private notes to the calendar owner’.
    17. If you need to contact the Calumet Heritage Area about its calendar or a function then please contact the following email address: [email protected]
    18. At the moment the Calumet Heritage Area does not have any specific location for event hosting, but if you need help finding a location please contact the following email address and we will work with you to find a hosting site: [email protected]
    19. After your or our first submittal of your event/program, your organization is responsible for submitting future events/programs.
    20. The calendar manager reserves the right to accept, modify or deny submissions.
    21. The boundaries of the Calumet Heritage Area are as follows: 

Directions for Event/Program Submission:
  1. Please read over the ‘Event Submission Guidelines’ before submitting an event
  2. To start the event submission process, go to or find the ‘Submit Event’ button on the Calumet Heritage Area calendar
  3. Please fill out the following pieces of information.
    1. Your organization’s name (under Your Name)
    2. You or your organizations contact email
    3. Private notes for the calendar’s manager
    4. Event Title
    5. A link to your organization’s website (optional) for more information for registration. Please label the button to the link as “More Information” or “Registration”
    6. Keywords/Tags (Categories)
      1. Only 4 categories can be tagged – there is a pre-populated list to choose from on the list at the bottom of this webapge. Please note in the “private notes” if you require more than 4 categories.
    7. Event Image: You can upload a file of your choice
    8. Day(s)/Time(s)
    9. Event Description
    10. Venue Name/Room/Building (or other extra info)
    11. Street Address: the map may or may not recognize the address entered.
    12. Directions (not required)
  4. Once completed, review your choice and click on the ‘Check and Submit’ button.
  5. Wait for the calendar manager to accept or deny the event request; you will receive an automatic notification.
  6. The calendar manager reserves the right to accept, modify or deny submissions. 
Calendar Categories
You can choose 4 of the following categories to tag your event. If you require more than 4 categories, please let the calendar manager know in the “private notes” in the event submission page.